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Cassein (Dairy) could be natural antioxidant for boosting meat shelf life

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Casein could be natural antioxidant for boosting meat shelf-life: Study
By Stephen Daniells, 30-Jan-2009
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Modification of the milk protein casein by enzymes could offer formulators a natural antioxidant for beef and poultry products, according to new research from Brazil.
Karina Rossini and co-workers from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil report that enzymatic hydrolysis of casein produced smaller peptides, which could prevent the spoilage of meat products.
“Casein peptides may be useful in meat processing as another naturally occurring antioxidant, helping to prevent off-flavour formation of meat and its products and increasing shelf life,” wrote the authors in the journal LWT - Food Science and Technology.
Typically, the oxidative deterioration of meat and meat products is caused by the degradation reactions of fats and pigments. Oxidation processes in food can lead to organoleptic deterioration in taste, colour and texture
“At present, consumer demand for natural functional foods has been increasing, and therefore casein peptides can be used as a functional food ingredient in pharmaceutical and food industries,” added the researchers.
The research does indeed tap into growing interest in natural food additives as replacements to synthetic antioxidants like butylhydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) to slow down the oxidative deterioration of food.
According to a 2003 report by Frost and Sullivan, the synthetic antioxidant market is in decline, while natural antioxidants, such as herb extracts, tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbates (vitamin C) are growing, pushed by consumer desire acceptance and easier market access.
Study details
The researchers used the commercial enzymes Flavourzyme and Alcalase (Novozymes) to hydrolyse casein. The resulting peptides from Flavourzyme were found to contain more soluble protein and free amino acids than Alcalase.
Measures of the peptides’ antioxidant activity revealed that those produced by Flavourzyme had higher values, compared to those obtained with Alcalase.
When formulated into ground beef homogenates and mechanically de-boned poultry meat, the researchers found that the casein peptides “effectively inhibited lipid peroxidation” in the beef (100 per cent inhibition), and by 21 per cent for the poultry product, and thereby produced an extension of the products’ shelf-lives.
While the study is not the first of its kind to investigate the effects of casein peptides in meat formulations, it does support the potential of these ingredients at a time when food manufacturers continue to look for ‘natural’ additives to their products.
“These results suggest that bioactive peptides from casein hydrolysis may be used as natural antioxidants in meat systems,” concluded Rossini and her co-workers.
Source: LWT - Food Science and TechnologyVolume 42, Issue 4, Pages 862-867“Casein peptides with inhibitory activity on lipid oxidation in beef homogenates and mechanically deboned poultry meat”Authors: K. Rossini, C.P.Z. Norena, F. Cladera-Olivera, A. Brandelli
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Monsey Shatnez Center,

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What is the true value of a lakewood lot?

COMPLAINT- [filed]
Ocean County Tax Board
Lakewood Township Committee
NJ Division of Taxation
August 21st, 2009
RE: Lakewood township assessments.
Lakewood Township values their single family land different depending what the purpose is for.
The Lakewood Tax assessor’s office values their single family land upwards of one hundred and ninety thousand ($190,000.00) dollars.
Lakewood Township Tax Assessor and their professional independent appraiser are testifying under oath at the Ocean County Tax Board to the effect that “Lakewood values of single family lots are valued upwards of one hundred and ninety thousand ($190,000.00) dollars.
In the very last few weeks and as recent as August 20th, 2009, the Lakewood Tax Assessor’s office in a valuation for the Lakewood Township Committee Re: Pine River Development single family unrestricted lots, valued as eighty five thousand ($85,000.00) dollars.
In their official capacity and under oath, Lakewood Tax Assessor is utilizing different valuations for the same type of land taking into account all standard adjustments i.e. location, size, etc.
We believe that it is unacceptable and in all likelihood illegal as well.
This complaint includes but is not limited to the following: the Lakewood Township Committee et al, the Lakewood Tax Assessor et al, the appraisal Company, et al that is currently defending Lakewood’s assessment in front of the Ocean County Tax Board and the New Jersey Tax Court.

I Remain,

Yehuda Shain
1140 forest Avenue
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ocean County Tax Board, President & Commissioners
New Jersey Division of Taxation
Lakewood Township Manager
August 31, 2009

On or about August 13th, 2009 the Lakewood Tax Assessor, Ms. Linda Solakian (“Assessor”) in the presence of many people, verbally attacked Mr. P. G. Waxman , a Commissioner of the Ocean County Tax Board and its current president. During the verbal tirade the Assessor included “racist remarks” including “your people”. Judges and other public Officials were forced to step down for similar remarks. The assessor also verbally attacked others from the Orthodox Jewish community.
Commissioner Waxman did not respond regarding the racist remark, nor has he taken any action legal, or otherwise, (as far as I know) towards the Assessor.
It is unethical and unconscionable that Commissioner Waxman has not taken any action towards the Assessor and has allowed her to testify in front of the Tax Board.
Commissioner Waxman, who is a resident of Lakewood, should have been aware that most of the Lakewood tax appeals are from the orthodox Jewish community whom the assessor used the racist remark against them.
Commissioner Waxman should have had the Assessor disqualified and set up a hearing to relieve the Assessor of her duties.
It is fact that, previous Tax Board Commissioners who were intimidated by the above Assessor and allegedly received telephone communications from upper echelon political power brokers not to challenge the above mentioned Assessor, actually resigned from the tax board due to her intimidation and actions. That in itself does not justify Commissioner Waxman’s lack of actions against the Assessor.
The Comps produced by The Lakewood Assessor & Mr. Gagliano “ MAI” ? for the Lakewood Tax Appeals contain much erroneous information and should therefore be disqualified. The Assessor & Mr. Gagliano may have committed perjury by presenting documentation & evidence that they should have known was erroneous.
The appraisals are not conforming to any guidelines in Appraisal practice and were done in complete disregard to the ethics and moral duty required of them.
The erroneous appraisals that Lakewood Township presented to the Tax Board to justify the Lakewood Assessors inflated property values is a clear indicator of the Assessors valuation practice. Therefore there is no “presumption of correctness” for all of the Assessors Lakewood valuations. In conclusion, the only item in front of the Commissioners’ to consider is the Appellants’ Comps or testimony.
The Tax Board Commissioners’ actions are granted “immunity” by the State. It may be a broad immunity but it is not blanket immunity.
The Lakewood Assessors prepared SR1A’s, which are used by the Division for the Ratios, should be disqualified, as they contain erroneous information in determining useable and non-useable sales. The sales that come in with lower than the assessed values which would be an indicator of possible market change, are disqualified as non-useable with the use of #26, etc.
When there is a clear non-useable inflated sale (double of the last sale of a mere 2-3 months ago), it is listed as a useable sale. When there are other verifiable circumstances why a property is sold “out of proportion to the market condition” no sufficient research is done to ascertain the true circumstances.
When the Assessor and Appraiser will opt to use an out of area, out of date, dis-similar properties, etc with loads of adjustments, when there are area comps, closer dates, more similar comps, less adjustments, that should be suspect and looked upon as a discrimination appeal as well, and the appellants should be allowed to show other assessments that are lower as well.
As the board heard from appellants during the hearings, the proper adjustments were not made from the Township’s comps to the appellant subject properties (e.g. pool, square footage, zoning, water & sewer vs. well &Septic , etc).
Additionally, when a selected comp is used by Lakewood to maintain the assessment for numerous properties there is no consistency in that home’s features and line item adjustment values. It just depends on what the Assessor and appraiser want as “the bottom line”.
The Assessor is not in compliance with the state mandated Code of Ethics of Municipal Assessors as appears in Handbook for New Jersey Assessors.
The Handbook for New Jersey Assessors has very clear requirements for Proper “public relations” with an Assessor’s office. It is clearly not being followed by the above mentioned Assessor. There is actually intimidation and fear in dealing with the current Assessor.
The Assessor is also not complying with the Handbooks section 1102.2
Section 1102.3 Second paragraph
Section 320.1 “The Assessor having made every reasonable effort to help……
Section 320.4 “If doubt exists……..The presentation of additional….

I remain,

Yehuda Shain
1140 Forest Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701
By Fax, mail & certified mail