Friday, September 4, 2009

What is the true value of a lakewood lot?

COMPLAINT- [filed]
Ocean County Tax Board
Lakewood Township Committee
NJ Division of Taxation
August 21st, 2009
RE: Lakewood township assessments.
Lakewood Township values their single family land different depending what the purpose is for.
The Lakewood Tax assessor’s office values their single family land upwards of one hundred and ninety thousand ($190,000.00) dollars.
Lakewood Township Tax Assessor and their professional independent appraiser are testifying under oath at the Ocean County Tax Board to the effect that “Lakewood values of single family lots are valued upwards of one hundred and ninety thousand ($190,000.00) dollars.
In the very last few weeks and as recent as August 20th, 2009, the Lakewood Tax Assessor’s office in a valuation for the Lakewood Township Committee Re: Pine River Development single family unrestricted lots, valued as eighty five thousand ($85,000.00) dollars.
In their official capacity and under oath, Lakewood Tax Assessor is utilizing different valuations for the same type of land taking into account all standard adjustments i.e. location, size, etc.
We believe that it is unacceptable and in all likelihood illegal as well.
This complaint includes but is not limited to the following: the Lakewood Township Committee et al, the Lakewood Tax Assessor et al, the appraisal Company, et al that is currently defending Lakewood’s assessment in front of the Ocean County Tax Board and the New Jersey Tax Court.

I Remain,

Yehuda Shain
1140 forest Avenue
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

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Anonymous said...

THAT IS PERJURY! Make a class action suit.